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What to do?

Enjoy your stay in the best way, we offer many activities for the whole family or as a couple.

You have chosen Consuegra, did you know that was an important Roman city?

What Consuegra still the longest Roman dam of Western Europe is preserved?

 What was amphitheater, theater, thermal baths, aqueduct and Roman villas?

And you know that the average age marked a before and after in Consuegra. In the battle against the Almoravids in 1097 the son of El Cid died. Later, a few centuries later the Priory of St. Juan de Jerusalen, later called the Order of Malta in Consuegra was settled. And that 13 mills were built on top of the hill Calderico. Discover the true story of Consabura. You'll be surprised ...

  • Grinding  Consuegra

    You can participate in the launch of a windmill, and enjoy carrying the wheat to the mill, and see through the wind finally ground to collect the flour. You will find inside this big giant Mancha, and learn the operation of the original machinery of the sixteenth century.

  • Visita teatralizada castillo

    Vellum visits Theatre Award for best path Castilla - La Mancha.

    Discover the characters who have lived in the castle, you will have your adventures, you can also participate in the battle. Meet the princess.

  • Cata de Quesos

    Want to spend a weekend different and entertaining? Do not hesitate!!! Cheese Caesar Toledo offers you the opportunity to learn to know our cheeses, only you have to prepare the way and enjoy those aromas and flavors that gives you the true artisan sheep cheese

  • Taller cerámica
    Crafts pottery

    Want to know how a vase or a bowl of mud made? Want to feel the mud slide through your hands to the beat of around? For this is the workshop where you will learn the art of Turner and how things can be done with clay and ceramics. More information at reception.

  • Senderismo

    Since life before we offer several hiking trails, from the simplest which is the route of Don Quixote or the route to visit the longest Roman dam of Western Europe. We also offer more complicated routes through the mountains of Toledo. You can even pick wild mushrooms in season.

  • Castillo de Consuegra

    If you are a group you can learn the history of the castle and Mills told by a guide.

  • Castillo de Consuegra
    Visits castle and mill

    Knowing the Castle and the Mill Bolero freely, guided by the signs and interior paneling. First mill point and ticket information.

    Castle and mill price: 4 euros / person.

  • Quijote Consuegra

    Don Quixote and Sancho Panza accompany the group for a delightful walk in the city. During the tour, several characters from the works of Cervantes, surprise and excite us to relive the adventures of passages ingeniso gentleman. It includes four scenes of the second part of Don Quixote.

  • Forja Consuegra
    Forge shops

    Visit a forge where generations of craftsmen have worked and shaped the hot metal. We witness a demonstration of how iron is heated in the furnace of coal and working on the anvil. The more daring may put into practice what they learned and, wearing gloves, overalls and goggles, working the hot iron.